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    USFSP Assignment 
    Digital Media I
    Matthew Normand
  • On the first day of the semester, the class was asked what our morning had been like: was it adventurous, was it a pain, did we get lost, or curse someone out in the parking garage for almost hitting us (we have a terribly engineered parking garage)? What events lead to our arrival on time (or late) for class? We were then asked to take the story of our morning and break it up into important scenes for a storyboard. This was the first step to understanding animation and sequential design. Our rough sketches were placed into Illustrator where we elaborated on our ideas and learned that the process of story boarding, as well as the drawings themselves, greatly add to the development of the final piece. After the development of our storyboards and rough animations, the names of our classmates were to be included in the piece to transform the storyboard into a title sequence animation. The concept behind my work was the idea that even though I got out of bed in the morning, did my routine, and rode my bike to class on time; mentally, I never really left my bed. I was probably sleep walking the entire day, to be completely honest. As for my process, I illustrated out a small story board, and then heavily relied upon photographs I had taken of my friend walking, in order to understand how I would photograph this animation. Also, the timing of this project in relation to my personal life could not have been more perfect. I had just moved into a new apartment the day I was to photograph the video, which left me an amazing opportunity to take full advantage of the empty space around me. With just a ladder and a mattress on the floor, I practiced photographing the animation for six hours with one of my available friends that evening. The next day I was prepared to photograph the entire animation, which took ten hours straight to complete. With that said, I was very lucky to have a patient and flexible model, as she made art directing a breeze for me.