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110 Days Around The World

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  • I love what I do. But like the rest of us, nothing beats an adventure. This year I took some away from the studio. to take 'that trip' we' all talk about - the once (or hopefully a few times) in a lifetime journey to drop everything and experience the world. It was also the chance to step behind the lens and develop my photographic skills. This is my collection....
  • A good friend asked "So how was the trip" over Skype? This was the reply...
    Made it to the Arctic Circle, ate dinner with a Nubian tribe, swam in the Nile, jumped some cliffs, rode a camel, chased a reindeer and swam with Turtles, kayaked a hidden lagoon, had a $6 dinner for four – mmm Kushari, ate porridge out of a coconut, smoked cuban cigars, drank rum with a Croatian Captain and watched a whole lot of sunsets, climbed a volcano, swam with whale sharks, gave a Best Man speech, got offered Viagra by a cab driver, ballooned through a canyon, crawled inside the Great Pyramid, got creeped out by mummies, dived a wreck, walked a glacier, licked an iceberg, spaced out in Time Square and remembered 9/11, slept in a cave, raved in a cave, dived in a cave, bought antiques, got ripped off, bathed in a horse trough, drove through Tuscany, looked at a lot of art, went to Hitler's bunker, hiked up a 600 yr old pirate fortress, stood at the gates of Babylon, learnt who Nebuchadnezzar is, explored Mayan ruins, missed out on a hurricane, a revolution and a riot all by a few days, got engaged to my best friend and had the trip of a lifetime…