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  • I recently had the great pleasure of spending a week in hospital being treated for a bacterial infection, an infection that initially floored me but which by the time I was admitted had abated to the point of simply being a mild discomfort. Whilst I sat on my hospital bed feeling sorry for myself, feeling frustrated that I felt fine and yet needing continued treatments I was confronted with the sight or my old art teacher who was in for treatment of a progressive and potentially fatal disease. This very quickly put all of my frustration into perspective and had me thinking about my time in art classes at school. I'll freely admit it, I'm rubbish at drawing and I wasn't given a chance to see if I was any good at sculpture so I was left somewhat on the fringes of the class. But one thing that teacher said to the class really stuck with me: in art, in every day life there is no such thing as a true or complete black.
    At most those things we call black still reflect light to a degree and we should only really be calling them very dark grey. With this project the hope is that I can in some way pay tribute to my old art teacher and to that thought that really has influenced my photography to date. But I wish to somehow express the feeling I had in that hospital room, a feeling that I realize now penetrates my every day waking consciousness, the feeling that I'm standing still whilst everything around me is in perpetual motion, that everyone around me is experiencing the bright light of a day well spent whilst I sit in the shadows hoping not to get hurt by the outside world, wishing that life would spontaneously change.