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    Candaş Şişman solo exhibition 
    December 7, 2012 - January 27, 2013
    PG Art gallery, İstanbul - Turkey

    Candaş Şişman takes a non-conventional approach to the perception of time, space and movement of the viewer in these works through the use of utilizing digital and mechanical technologies. The artist who uses natural sciences as a reference point, aims to construct hybrid emotion fields by bringing the images that he created in digital media together with physical forms, movement and process problematic being the focal points.

    The artist uses simple language in spite of the complex substructures he creates, bases interaction as a conceptual problem other than the practice of being buried inside. The works of Sisman gives clues regarding today’s aesthetics. Instead of the concepts which assess image with one centered point of view, they bear the traces of an organic image vocabulary which changes shape continuously and reacts to its environment.
    UV Print, dubond and lenses
    150X150 cm
    Whether we have learned in the recent past, spiritual or physical, everything points out that the universe is connected. For this reason, we get out of sharp distinctions, such as macro and micro over time. We start to see everything in the same whole. We need to take a closer look to the habitat that Candas Şişman created of pixel square forms of the digital world. The micro-level themes printed from a printer with detailed printing technique, shows the audience how complex structures is formed from simple forms by using the digital world atoms, the pixels. Discovered with the help of micro-level lenses, each piece is linked with each other and makes itself visible with the prominent characteristic of fractal structures.

    Design: Candaş Şişman
    Thanks to: Ahmet Sertaç Öztürk, Gürçağ Özler, Talay Gürsoy
  • İnterview with me ( sorry its only Turkish )
    Audiovisual Installation - Data Sculpture
    Plexiglass, foam, animation and sound
    200X150X20 cm
    Before seeing the world we hear its voice and many years later we try to figure out what kind of place it is. Even in the quietest place, we are unconsciously aware that our ears is full of sounds of our environment, we feel it. Scientifically speaking, 'noise’ is the frequency that surrounds the desired sound, forms a world such as the landscape that forms the trees, houses and roads… This work that defines the hypothetical world of depth sounds and makes concrete the sound recorded in 10 milliseconds in a quiet environment with a capacitor microphone. The artist makes physical the slightest sound heart and reflects the re-processed noise on the existing installation. The result is to see what we are not able to hear. 

    Design, Visuals and Sound: Candaş Şişman
    Architect Consultants: Coşku Cinkılıç
    Sound recordings: Stüdyo Bee, Baran Göksu, Umut Çetin, Alp Çoksoyluer, Candaş Şişman
    Thanks to; Ahmet Sertaç Öztürk, Gürçağ Özler, Gökhan Okuyucu
  • Exhibition view
  • Makromikro
    Neon, circuit
    200 cm
    When we look across the shore, we notice all of the shining and flashing lights that illuminates the night. While we move away we realize that the frequencies of the light slows down and we are able to extract the electric arcs. Points reduce the infinite points into a constituent line and generate itself over the possibility of randomly moving atoms. “Points” is a two meters long work made of a neon material. The point is dimensionless and allows an infinite number of possibilities. The temporal way that make up the totality has many details inside. 

    Concept: Candaş Şişman
    Data Sculpture, Audiovisual Installation
    3D Object, Dakota, Animation and Sound
    ISOFIELD has been produced using the izohips map that provides information about physical surface shapes and by making a physical layer from the graphics of the percentage of the population compared to the internet users (1990 – 2010) obtained from Google Publicdata. Ultimately, the acquired digital parametric surface has been dressed with a digital layer. This work is an audio-visual sculpture that tries to bring together physical information with a non-physical information (izohips-digital media) and finally with the physical result obtained it re-digitalize and makes intertwine and reverse the intended use of these nested two concepts. 

    Design, Visuals and Sound: Candaş Şişman
    Architect Consultants: Alper Derinboğaz, Ahmet Ünveren, Coşku Cinkılıç
    Thanks to: Salon2, Amber festival, Pg Art Gallery, Gökhan Okuyucu, Ekmel Ertan, Osman Koç, Todays Art Festival, Erdem Dilbaz, Pırıl Güleşçi Arıkonmaz, Dilek Reklam, Ahmet Sertaç Öztürk, Mert Şırlakcı
    With the contributions of: PG Art Gallary and Amber Platform

    If we consider that the new media provides a wider and more liberal sharing of information than public space, we can observe that the new media possesses a greater expanse of space, which derives from real world. As e compare these two spaces, we can see that the new media is far more organic and variable whereas the public space is shaped and limited by state and authority.

    Can we reverse this physical data visualization, which is produced out of non-physical information? By covering a physical surface with a digital layer, can we soften the concept of reality between the “physical” and “digital”?
    Digital data sharing; reification of the real-world space and value of the new media and coating the resultant parametric surface with a digital layer, by employing ISOHIPS mapping method, which provides physical data on the surface forms. Combining an information, which is originally physical, with a non-physical information (isohips-digital media) and re-digitizing the physical result; an audio-visual installation that questions and aims for the entwining of these two concepts.
  • İsofield
    Kinetic Installation
    DC Motor, Ink, Circuit
    Time, is always defined by people as the sum of continuities that are always going forward. When we define a moment, we find the last point of all the processes described before and we understand where we are. What we define as an “Arrow of time”, the situation of moving always forward is originally contrast to the universe that we live. Perhaps the expansion of the universe is heterogeneous, who knows? Continuuum depicts the infinite possibilities of time with its mechanical system and reminds us once again that we see time in different dimensions with its distributed cycle. 

    Concept: Candaş Şişman
    Production: Osman Koç
    Consultants: Ahmet Sertaç Öztürk, Gürçağ Özler
  • Noisefloor
  • Detail_Makromikro
  • Exhibition Poster_Design by Emre Parlak
  • Continuuum
  • İsofield_Detail
  • İsofield 
  • Makromikro
  • Makromikro
  • Makromikro_Detail
  • Points