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\ Raijin and Fujin /

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  • According to Kojiki, eight kinds Raijin(Yakusa no ikazuchi no kami) was born from Izanami. The "eight kinds of thunder kami" that festered inside Izanami's corpse as seen by her consort Izanagi in the underworld of Yomi. Suffering mortal injury from giving birth to the fire kami Kagutsuchi, Izanami died and went to the underworld, where she was followed by Izanagi. Disobeying Izanami's warning not to look upon her, Izanagi lit a torch and saw her rotting body swollen and covered with maggots, and inhabited by the "eight thunder kami."
  • God of Thunder and God of Wind
    (after Tawaraya Sōtatsu)
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