Tenets & Principles

Our Tenets

1. We serve creative people and make every effort to listen to, understand, and respect the needs of the creative community.

2. We believe that creative people and organizations have a responsibility to follow through on their ideas for the benefit of their field - and society at large. Behance aspires to share this responsibility as a strategic partner to creative individuals and organizations.

3. Our purpose is to promote a meaningful outcome from creativity. Every Behance product and service directly helps individuals and organizations act on their creative energy.

4. Our products and services are designed by and for creative professionals. We eliminate what doesn't meet our standards and constantly seek and incorporate feedback to improve our efforts.

5. We have a bias towards action in everything we do. We don't waste time, and we constantly scrutinize our work for practicality, simplicity, usefulness, and relevance.

6. We leverage our unique position at the epicenter of the creative community to facilitate meaningful collaboration and cross-pollination between creative individuals and organizations, even when no profit is involved.

Team Principles

We practice what we preach

We try every day to be the best example of Productive Creativity in how we manage projects, follow through on ideas, manage people, and resolve conflicts. We are always action oriented. Basically, we make shit happen.

We strive for frequent and honest communication

We acknowledge emails as soon as possible and try to address all questions within 24 hours. We share concerns as soon as they arise. As a start-up company, we try to stay connected to each other through constant communication and honest discussion.

We take every failure and unexpected change as an opportunity to try things differently.

We understand that the greatest achievements come from perseverance, chance, and trial and error. When a project takes an unexpected turn, we run with it.

We advocate for the contrarian's approach.

When a decision must be made, we understand the value of thinking differently. Often times the "different" approach is best for our business and our clients. How can you serve creatives without being creative? We will never let the size or structure of our organization get in the way of our unique view on the world.

We share debate and then we share conviction.

We challenge each other and question assumptions. As we seek a resolution, we represent Behance's interests rather than our own. Once we come to an agreement, we share equal conviction to carry it through.

We are a flat organization and foster ownership in everything we do.

We assign ownership of particular projects to the team member(s) with the greatest expertise and interest. Each project has a leader and we all report to that leader, regardless of age or job title.

We are committed to our own professional development.

We exchange feedback liberally with each other. We take every opportunity to develop our technical skills, leadership capability, and understanding of our industry.

We make an effort to share "appreciations."

We recognize the passion and energy that each of us brings to the team. We acknowledge achievements and give credit openly in the form of appreciations.

We act as stewards of Behance and uphold rigorous standards for integrity and fairness.

We understand that our reputation and credibility in the creative community are our greatest assets. We approach every interaction as both an opportunity and a liability. We are simply not willing to compromise our values and self-respect for anything.