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  • Alison
    by Jack Radcliffe
  • When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work. However, in the process of documenting Alison's growth, I developed a passionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.

    This affected my photography in a profound way. Rather than the isolated subjects of my earlier work, I became interested in the strength of relationships, oftentimes using personal environments to amplify those conditions.

    My photographs of Alison, because of the nature of our relationship, are very much a father-daughter collaboration-Alison permitting me access to private moments of our life, which might, under different circumstances, be off-limits to a parent. The camera, early in her life, became part of our relationship, necessitating in me an acceptance, a quietness. We've never had long photographic sessions, but rather moments alone or with friends.

    The significance of these pictures emerges in retrospect. I realize as I look at them, that I created a visual life story of Alison, capturing moments in her metamorphosis from infant to woman-her relationships with friends, her rebellion, and underlying it all, her relationship with me, a constant throughout her life. I wanted to photograph her in all her extremes, and to be part of these times in her life without judging or censoring. Only in this way would I have a true portrait of Alison.

  • Alison Cape Cod 1978
  • Alison Ballerina 1982
  • Alison at Stan's 1987
  • Alison in Ocean City 1987
  • Alison at Penn Station 1988
  • Alison in New Hampshire 1989
  • Driving Lessons 1990
  • Alison After Bath 1991
  • Alison and Kelly Laughing 1991
  • Alison and Kelly on the Deck 1 1991
  • Alison and Kelly on the Deck 2 1991
  • Alison and Kelly in Her Bedroom 1991
  • Alison and Virgini 1991
  • Alison and Bean at the Daily Grind 1992
  • Alison in Arcosante  1992
  • Alison in Provincetown 1992
  • Alison in Dublin, Ireland 1994
  • Alison with Josh in Car 1995
  • Alison and Umbrellas  1995
  • Alison with Piano 1998
  • Alison with Coffee 1999
  • Alison at the Laundromat 1999
  • Alison and Josh in Churchville 1997
  • Alison and Allen on the Porch 2001
  • Alison and Allen in Alexandria 2002
  • Alison and Allen in New Home 2001
  • Alison and Allen in Truck 2001
  • Alison Self Portrait 2001
  • Alison in Gallery 788 2010
  • Alison in Gallery 788 2011
  • Alison in Portugal 2  2010
  • Alison in Portugal 2  2010
  • Alison and Allen in Portugal 2010
  • Dinner at Golden West 02-2011
  • Alison after Dinner 02-2011
  • Alison and Allen at Home 2011