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Chris Melfi


London, United Kingdom
I have always had a profound love and interest for design and creativity. Not only has it been one of the major influences in my life from an early age, but also the decision to pursue this career path has left me both confident in, and excited for the future ahead.
One of my favourite and most rewarding subjects at GCSE was Graphics, though my enjoyment was not just restricted to lesson time. I would love to stay after school and play around with the software available. Sadly after completing Graphics to a high A-grade standard there were no graphic design course options for me to carry on into A-Level. After realising this, I aimed for a balance in creative and academic subjects when choosing my courses, selecting a variety of subjects accepted across the board.
However, both English and Music Technology require me to think very creatively; in English my strongest point is creative writing. The skills I have gained in my current A-Level courses are easily transferrable to design practice. Both planning and experimenting, evaluating and analysing my own creative work has been a key focus in each subject. Music Technology specifically requires me to brainstorm ideas in my mind, transfer and develop them digitally, then evaluate and present the final ideas. I have completed an AS ICT course, which included studying IT related design such as web design, and coding in industry standard software.
Outside of education, my practical experience has been on going; taking paid work experience in a Graphic Design agency after producing work of such a high standard, working in a local TV Studio and other casual paid work. I have had many recent projects; ranging from logo design using software such as Adobe Illustrator, to weekly video projects using Final Cut or Adobe After Effects, and image editing in Photoshop. I've also had many great opportunities assisting other designers with their own projects, giving me a strong understanding of client demands and insight to the workloads of a designer.
My experiences have shown me how to communicate with clients effectively and what to avoid. Communication is one of the most vital parts of any design work. My whole life has revolved around strong leadership and working to the best possible standard I can, both for and with others. My strong involvement with a Church has given me countless opportunities in not only the creative scene, but being put in positions of responsibility and leadership. I am currently a youth leader, a multi-instrumentalist bandleader, and a group mentor. I enjoy being active, but most of the free time I have I spend researching and improving on my previous knowledge and understanding.
Design, Media and Technology are not simply subjects I would like to keep enjoying as hobbies; I want to become a professional. Time is limited, and to become professional and progress in this field I know I need to allocate and use time well. Having quite a lot of experience with different clients and working to specific briefs has taught me to work well with deadlines and go out of my way to see the objective met, however big or small it may be. When deciding on the course I wanted to choose, I met up with a CEO of an advertising agency in central London to ask about the industry and where it is going; I spoke to two designers to gather information and hear how they became successful. After listening to the advice given, and reading up about many different courses and what they have to offer, I chose your course. I am eager to learn and push myself as much as possible in every single module, believing this course will give me the best set of skills and opportunities in this forever-expanding industry.
Work Experience
London, United Kingdom
Aug 2012Dec 2012
Designer, Photographer
I helped found the business; Product Ideas, Branding, and Website Design (Not the current website).
London, United Kingdom
Jun 2011Jul 2011
This was paid work experience, the placement idea given by my school.
London, United Kingdom
Mar 2009
My Father is the Pastor of this Church. I am paid to complete projects for the Church, and regularly assist the graphic designer on staff.
Ipswich, United Kingdom
Nov 2011Feb 2012
I have, in the past been paid to complete projects for this Church.
London, United Kingdom
Sep 2007Present
I am currently in Sixth Form. I study Economics, English and Music Technology.
English (Native), German (Conversational)
Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Cubase, Logic Pro, Adobe Illustrator, MIcrosoft Visual Basic